Crash game Aviator in 1xbet and its features

Crash games are a new type of gambling entertainment. Aviator is a striking representative of this genre. Administration of the casino 1xbet offers everybody to take part in an exciting arcade and compete for payments of up to 550000 rupees.

How to play the Aviator on 1xbet

The application is in a special section. On the club's website, crashes games are divided into video slots, tabletop games, and bookmaker's office. You can also find Aviator via the internal search engine.

The emulator is produced by the Georgian company Spribe. In the game, you need to observe the flight of the aircraft and stop the counter of bets in time. The higher the ship climbs and the more time it is in the sky, the bigger the multiplier the player will get on the exposed amount.

The gameplay at 1xbet casino depends on several factors:

  • Reaction speed. The gambler has to have time to close bets and correct the starting strategy. Rounds in Aviator start automagically, and the interval between the rounds is 5 seconds.
  • Flight range. This characteristic may also be referred to as duration. An airplane can fly for a few minutes or crash immediately after takeoff.
  • Flying altitude. If the craft soars immediately upwards, it is an advantage. In a few seconds, you can gain a multiple of up to x30.

Before each round, the user in 1xbet games places one or two bets. It is necessary to manage to close these bets until the plane falls or flies off the screen. The behavior of the cornucopia is defined by a random number generator.

Registration in 1xbet to start playing Aviator

The New Crash game for money in 1xbet is available in free mode. The demonstration version preserves all options. The mechanics of the emulator is free of free spins, bonus pictures, and so everything depends exclusively on the luck and strategy of the player. 

Money game mode opens after registering at 1xbet online casino. A gambling club account is created according to the following principle:

  • To sign up, you need to select one of 4 ways. Newcomers can create a Quick Profile in 1 click and then bind the mail and phone number.
  • Only one account can be set up per player. Playing from multiple pages is forbidden.
  • New clients at 1xbet receive bonuses. The money earned is also permitted to be used in the Aviator game.

Deposit funds to the balance of your profile and start playing online at 1xbet can be done in different ways. 1xbet cashier supports VISA, MasterCard of Indian and foreign banks, works with MIR and Maestro within India, processes transfers from international e-payment systems.

Promotion codes and bonuses for Aviator at 1xbet

The prize system on 1xbet games mirror is diverse and includes both sports betting and Casino mode bonuses. The Aviator game can use the following prizes:

  • Promo codes from Telegram channels. In the thematic communities, the institution's operator regularly posts coupons for no Deposit Bonuses and gifts for deposits. The following deposit amount can be multiplied by 100% and get the bonus in mini-games 1xbet.
  • Newbie bonuses. Each new customer can increase his starting deposit by x2. The minimum deposit in 1xbet for the Aviator game is 400-800 rupees, meaning that the visitor will have a cash pool. Starter strategies in Aviator are built on the volume of the bankroll. More money the player has, the greater the chance to "wait out" a series of losses and catch a payout with a multiplier of x100.
  • Campaigns in the run-up to the Holidays. New promotional codes come out regularly, but most of the number of coupons is recorded by the administration during international celebrations.

The 1xbet casino bonuses program attracts loyal wagers. The gambler does not have to prepare a huge budget as well as spin machines 24 hours a day to win back the advantage received.

Download 1xbet games that can be installed on the phone. The operator of the club produces an official attachment. The program includes the whole showcase of video slots and includes a section with Aviator. The mobile application will help to comfortably familiarize with the user interface and to understand how to play 1xbet with minimal risk.

The secrets of the crash game mechanics Aviator

The 1xbet customer needs to play Aviator in demo format in advance. The app has 3 unique features:

  • Auto-cashout. The player can set in advance the value at which the bet will close. It can be a minimum of 1.10 or 100. When the plane reaches this point, your bet will be automatically calculated and the player will not lose any money.
  • Statistics. In the lower block of the application, you can find a menu with analytics. The program algorithm captures all recent winnings. The player will have the ability to study all bets for the last few months. This is quite useful for those who are developing a strategy and are trying to find a certain consistency.
  • Duplicate bet. There are two blocks of bets on the main screen. A user will get the opportunity to make the first wager and immediately register the second one. This allows from the first bet not to take the risk and insure, and from the second to place an auto-cashout at a higher odds.

All of these options visitors of 1xbet can check out for free. The Aviator demo is not limited to anything.

Options for strategies to play Aviator for money 

The number of tactical decisions is not limited. Strategy is built on the rotation and dynamics of bets. The simplest way to win regularly - is to act carefully and be patient.

The user can set a value of 1.10 in auto cashout mode. This is the first check that appears on the screen after takeoff. In 99% of the rounds, the plane breaks this barrier.

The customer can bet on around 800-1600 rupees. This already brings a minimum of 80 rupees of profit. Of course, in the case of an instant fall, the gambler will lose a thousand, but, as shown in the statistics of 

the emulator, in each round the mark of 1.10 is overcome with no consequences.

A riskier, but at the same time profitable strategy is tactic from x100. Aviator reaches this height on average every 1.5 hours. The user can count down this time interval from the last x100, which is specified in the statistics, and start playing big. Betting in 800 rupees with these odds gives a tangible payout.