What are the essence and special features of Aviator Game at 1win

Crash games are the new era in the industry of gambling. The operator of the betting company and casino 1win offers customers exclusive novelty. The game Aviator was released not long ago and is now at top of the ratings.

Three main features of Aviator at 1win

The crash game 1win Aviator is being developed by the company Spribe. It is a Georgian provider, which is focused primarily on the Indian-speaking gambler audience. The release of Aviator made the local studio famous worldwide.

The crash game does not imply complex rights and is an intuitive arcade game with simple rules:

  • The mechanics of the application is built around a small corncob airplane that soars into the sky without stopping. The duration of each mission is different.
  • The player must follow the plane and try to predict when the journey will come to an end. This can be due to a crash or to the aircraft leaving the radar zone.
  • Before every take-off, the player makes one or two bets in Aviator by 1win. These stakes must be closed by the end of the next flight. The longer and higher the plane is in the sky, the greater the multiplier that the customer online casino 1win will receive on the bet.

The main screen with the plane is in the middle. Just below that the developers placed two betting buttons and settings for them. Still below the gambler finds statistics. Aviator fixes all winnings over the past few weeks, allowing customers to count the frequency of occurrence of certain multipliers.

Aviator game at 1win: first steps

Start with the registration and demo mode. Aviator crash game in 1win will not work out the principles without prior practice. Runs in the emulator begin automatically with a break between them for only 5 seconds. At this time, the online club visitor needs to have time to place a bet, identify the desired ratio, and adjust the strategy.

Registering allows you to play Aviator 1win with benefits and takes place by post and phone number. New clients have to complete a questionnaire and pass verification. Recently, the binding of passport data is mandatory. These are the rules of the regulator.

Though in 1win the minimum Deposit is 80 rupees, in Aviator it is best to start gambling with a few thousand. When there is a reserve deposit, it is possible to afford to lose a few times.

You can get a bonus through two unique bonus options:

  • 500% on the first deposit. At 1win, you can get a super bonus for even the amount of 80 rupees. The total return can exceed 55000 rupees. These funds can also be used for bets in the Aviator game.
  • 30% cashback. In the casino mode, where just the crash game Aviator is placed, you can receive 30% per week from all lost deposits. For this, we need to plummet large sums. In any event, even a 10% payoff would promise the user yet another opportunity to fight for big winnings.

In the Aviator Game 1win, you can gain six-figure sums. The maximum win is the payment of 550000 rupees. At 1win, this money will be withdrawn within 10 minutes. The cashbox transfers a few million a day and it supports both e-wallets and credit cards.

Three strategies for Aviator in 1win

Aviator has acquired a lot of tactical solutions despite the relatively short period of its presence on the market. The majority of customers engage in three main strategies:

  • Seeking x100. Aviator 1win statistics section reveals that the x100 multiplier appears on the playing screen on average once an hour. The customer needs to count off from the last multiplier 60 minutes and begin to play money in a big way. There is a chance that the bet of 800 rupees will increase by 100 times in a few seconds.
  • Small risk tactics. In this strategy, a bet of 800 rupees is also used as the basis. A user sets the auto-cashout at 1.10. It is a specific function that closes a bet at the factor that the player specifies. This reduces risks and allows the user to earn a guaranteed 80 rupees for every successful flight. It is important to realize that the 1.10 mark is overcome by the corncob almost always.
  • The Aviator strategy at 1win with insurance. The Aviator interface has 2 betting blocks. The first can be played with a bet of 1.10 with a 800 ruble stake. In the second block put out just 40 rupees or a few hundred, but you have to try to get to the coefficient of x30-40. The former bet is guaranteed to bring winnings and ensures the balance of the account. The second helps to take a chance and, even in the case of failure, not to be at a disadvantage.

Check tactical maneuvers, as reviews of 1win Aviator claim, can also be done in demo mode. Both the provider Spribe and the 1win operator do not limit visitors in time.

Why the crash game Aviator in 1win is in high demand

Explaining the phenomenon of the Aviator game is easy. Operators of casinos have long been offering the same thing. Gamblers simply got tired of the same type of slot machines that only differ in plot, picture, and name.

Aviator is a quality new product. Also, everything is tied to the strategy and reaction rate. Users have the opportunity to win through their skills and slightly influence the random number generator. In addition, the theme of an arcade flight draws in the gameplay for a few hours.

A second reason to play Aviator at 1win - is financial prospects. The principle of double bets allows striking the right balance and every lost bet to pay back the second bet. Many, even with bad spins, do not remain in the black but play to zero. At any point, the corncob flight can turn out to be a prosperous one. The player has enough minutes to get to win a million.

On the 1win platform, the Aviator game can be set on your phone. It is done through the application of the gambling establishment. From the home page of the club, the player is offered to download the client software for iPhone or Android. After logging into the application, the user enters the showcase with similar Slots and crash games.