Aviator: a gambling machine with new mechanics

Online gaming is mostly video slots, roulette, and blackjack. Anything new doesn't appear very often and in most instances doesn't appeal to the gaming audience. The crash game Aviator managed to be an exception to the rule.

Who designed Aviator and how.

Two versions of Aviator have already been presented on the showcase of virtual casinos. The second one was released in 2021 and features an updated design with a random number generator. The mechanism remains the same. After starting the application gambler has to do as follows:

  • Watch the flight of an aircraft. The player becomes not only a casual witness to the take-off of the aircraft but acts as a kind of air traffic controller. 
  • The aircraft in the game Aviator flies within the radar and is marked by a red logo. It is important to keep your eyes open because at a certain moment the corn can fly off the screen or crash.
  • As you fly, numbers rapidly accumulate on the screen. This is the multiplier that will be applied to the bet. The winning is counted according to this formula. The user can receive a payout of both x1 and x1000.
  • The flight control panel consists of two bets. The player can either make a single bet or register two bets at a time. The main thing, however, is to stop the bet before anything happens to the plane.
  • In case the gambler fails to catch the odds and closes the bet before the corn plane falls or flies off the screen, the round is deemed lost. The casino customer loses the betting money. In the other case, the bet is multiplied by that multiplier at which the play was stopped.

Incidentally, the tours in the game Aviator start up automatically. The intermission between the rounds is 5 seconds. The player is completely freely able to skip some of the flights and not lose any money. 

Crash game is developed by the company Spribe. This is a Georgian provider, which produces video slots. In the year 2020, the studio has decided to take a risk and introduced a new product of high quality to the gambling community. Less than six months later, Aviator has become a top gambling entertainment.

Winnings at Aviator are a record sum. Some rounds last over a minute. It is predictable that during this time, the multiplier of a few hundred will accumulate up on the screen, giving the gambler a six-figure payout.

Two Unique Features in Aviator

The mechanics of a crash game involve two helpful options. Newcomers do not take it into account and end up deliberately putting themselves in a losing position. In reality, the provider himself tells the gambler how to reduce the risks and get to the first payout.

The first function - Is autoplay. Near the betting option, the player can set the coefficient at which the bet will be closing. For instance, a visitor to the casino decides whether to close the bet at a multiplier of x50. It means that as the plane gets to this mark, the Aviator will calculate the payout automatically.

Autoplay in Aviator Game is useful because it helps to fix the level of gambling and not to waste money due to a weak reaction. The airplane can get up to x100 and x1000, but even x50 gives quite a good profit from both large and small bets. The same can be done with the second bet, where the odds can be set, for example, at x70 and allow yourself a little risk.

A second interesting solution for customers of the Aviator casino is statistics. The provider allows the players access to a special "log" where all bets made over the past days, weeks, and months are registered. Wagers of all players from all casinos and bookmaker's offices, where Aviator is represented, are taken into account.

The statistics provide several benefits:

  • The gambler can be sure that the payments are going. Incidentally, the company Spribe is formally licensed by the regulator Curacao and does not give its software to questionable gambling establishments.
  • The visitor gets the chance to review the algorithm. While the random numbers generator produces a million combinations, certain ones appear with a certain periodicity. It has been noticed that x100 multipliers, on average, appear on the Aviator screen once every 1-2 hours.
  • The player will be allowed to create his strategy. Once an hour has elapsed from the last x100 multiplier, it allows you to gamble and bet big in the next 10-20 minutes. In the following break, the player is playing in a safe mode. There can be many variants and they are all shown in the window of statistics.

Playing Aviator 2 from Spribe is free. Demo mode opens up automatically. First of all, to place a real bet, you need to sign up at an online casino or a betting bank and make a balance deposit. The range of rates in the crash game is enormous. It is possible to place 40 rupees, and you can enter with bets from 800 rupees.

How to bet in Aviator

Bets blocks are below the main display. The user needs to replenish the account, to begin with. In modern online casinos and betting offices, this is done via bank cards and online wallets. Incidentally, in the Aviator, you can also play for cryptocurrency.

The bet size in the game with the plane for money the user defines himself. Starting with the lowest values is better. This will contribute to the following:

  • In the fast and fast and dynamic gameplay, it is not so easy to navigate. Gamblers usually plummet the first draft.
  • Small bets will help to gamble for money and learn about the interface and the mechanics of the game in real life. This gives the possibility to get involved faster in the process.
  • It is possible to try out different strategies and to understand how the duplicate betting system works. This is a major feature of the Aviator application, allowing you to receive a kind of bonus insurance.

The menu interface with the bet offers four basic options. These are bets of 40,80,800 rupees. The choice of format should be made before the start of the next flight. No more than 5 seconds are allowed for this. 

Once the plane takes flight, the gambler can immediately stop the flight and receive a payout at the specified odds. The minimum value is 1.10. If you do not want to constantly click on the screen, you can put the ratio in the autoplay window, which is slightly below.

The second block for the bet registration presents a similar layout. The statistics are at the bottom of the game screen. The application Aviator is convenient because it contains no extra tabs and settings. All that the user will need for the money game is on one display.

Getting a head start on the Aviator crash game

It's not easy for newcomers to the game. However, it becomes obvious that with some approach and analysis of details, the number of winnings will exceed losses by times. You can minimize your losses in different ways:

  • Click here to read the reviews. Aviator crash game is nowadays being positioned as a top project on the sites of the gambling clubs. It gives an opportunity to easily find information about the game. Members will be able to find examples of real winnings and to copy the solutions of the lucky "pilots",
  • View strategies. Several actual strategies exceed several tens of tactics. Several of them are considered to be working. Game on the strategy is a must for those seeking to come to the casino not just once.
  • Get welcome bonuses. Each casino and bookmaker's office has a prize scheme for newcomers. The players receive a gift from the operator of the establishment on their first deposit. It can be from 100% to 300% bonus on the first deposit. Starting Bonus gives a cash cushion and allows you to lose without a noticeable loss.
  • Take advantage of alternate promotions. Today, every online club has cashback, bonus options for regular visitors. A part of the lost funds can always be returned.

Practice in a demo mode becomes a key factor. To begin with, Aviator is better to learn from all sides and only after that proceed to the game for money. 

Aviator can be loaded on any mobile device. This game is integrated into the official apps of gambling establishments. The program takes into account the peculiarities of smartphones and tablets and works without bugs and programming errors.

Budget strategy for Aviator game

The easiest and working strategy will not demand large investments from the client. Immediately it should be said that a deposit of 80 rupees is hardly enough to play along and profitable game. It is better to put in a few thousand, as well as to use the head start from the welcome bonuses.

Before the game begins, the size of bets and the limit of automatic checkout is selected. The player puts from 800 rupees. and fixes the closing on a quotation of 1.10. In case of loss, the gambler loses a thousand, and when winning earns 80 rupees.

The trick is that in Aviator almost every flight ends beyond 1.5-2.3. The threshold of 1.10 overcomes the plane with an enviable frequency. Already in the first 10 takes off you can recoup your investment and begin to bet in the plus.

Martingale Tactics in Aviator

Martingale's strategy is a universal way to earn for all games of chance. The mechanism of the slot or the same Aviator does not matter. Bankroll is taken as the basis.

If the rate is not played, the next is done in x2. This helps with the win to recoup losses from the previous go-round. There are two drawbacks to this strategy in Aviator:

  • You need an instantaneous reaction. In 5 seconds to react and properly reduce or raise the bet is not always possible.
  • A huge budget is needed. You can lose 10 and 50 times in a row. If each time the stake is increased by x2, it may result in considerable losses, something not every customer can afford the casino.

Tactics Martingale suit for those who prefer not to worry about start-up costs. Theoretically, any win by this strategy recoups all costs and gives a plus.

How to withdraw money from Aviator

Bets played are calculated by the system at once. The player's account balance is updated immediately. In most modern betting clubs and online casinos, you can withdraw funds from 80-800 rupees.

Some money from the Aviator can be kept for further play. If the bonuses were activated, it is necessary to win back the prizes. This is done not in the Aviator, but through the video slots showcase.

But what to do if the crash game is unavailable?

In some regions, the provider Spribe restricts access to the game. Problems arise for many players from India. In another case, an Internet provider is behind the blocking, which closes sites with slot machines.

To avoid problems and understand what Aviator is, you need to use a VPN. Also during the registration, you should indicate a different region of residence or change this parameter after the authorization in the personal cabinet.